The Inspiration behind the brand

I want to share with you how “beaUTAHful State of Mind” came to and why I want it to be more than a t-shirt company. This is an actual dream I had in July as I was healing from a very long illness….This is a way of life.

For years I had been sick and had discovered all types of ways to mask the pain and other symptoms. I had been actively seeking an answer to what was making me sick for 12 years. I had back problems, fatigue, heart problems, autoimmune diseases and several other issues. I had literally all but given up. I felt like I was losing my life, dying from the inside and not one doctor or specialist could give me an answer. 

I knew what I was doing was not making me feel any better so I decided to make some big changes in my life. I had always loved being outdoors and it was one of my favorite memories from growing up. We camped and hiked often. I loved it for so many different reasons. In 2016 I started spending more time alone out in nature. I would use it as a way of meditation. 

In March of 2018 I was finally able to get answers to what was making me sick and I have been recovering since May 2018. 

Through all of these years of illness and the months of healing, the one thing that has always made me feel better was nature. I feel alive and refreshed after I hike, ride my bike or even sit outside on my deck. 

I woke up on July 1st in the middle of the night from a dream. I couldn’t remember it but I could remember words. I grabbed my phone, opened my documents and added them to it. The words were Beautahful, Butterfly, Paths and Beauty. I had used #beautahful in all of my post but I didn’t know what it meant in my dream.  

Over the next few weeks I thought about it and studied the words waiting for it to all click. One day while hiking I thought to myself what a great “state of mind” I am in when i’m outside and how it has helped me through everything I have gone through. Just then it clicked. The hashtag #beautahful represents a way of life for me. A feeling. It creates a happy “State of Mind” for me. 

I want to encourage others going through any hardships to get outside. To find beauty when all things may look dark and discouraging. Utah has so much to offer. You just may find a new way and a new outlook on your life. Thirty minutes could change everything.  

There is beauty all around you.


This is dedicated to my Uncle Jim Hempleman